6th Best School in Ahmedabad & 9th Best School in Gujarat Rated by Education World. Admission Open for 2018-19 from Pre-K to Grade-IX & XI.

Admission Process

Admissions take place from November to March. The details will be announced in all the leading newspapers of Ahmedabad. 

Please visit the campus or mail your query at anmaninagar@anandniketan.org


Documents required for Pre K to Grade I:

1. Registration Form

2. Attested Birth Certificate

3. Proof of Residence

4. 3 passport size photographs each of the child, father and mother


Documents required for Grade II to Grade X

1. Registration Form

2.  School Leaving Certificate

3. Attested xerox copy of academic report card from the  previous school  attended.

4. Proof of Residence

5.  3 passport size photographs each of the child, father and mother


Admission Process::

Step 1: Visit the campus

              Collect  The Registration Form

              Check Transport Routes ( if availing transport facility) 

Step 2: Complete & Submit Registration Form

                 Enclose the required documents  ( Birth certificate  for Pre K to Grade I)

                 (School Leaving Certificate  &  attested xerox copy of Report card from the last school attended for Grade II to Grade X)

Step 3:  Wait for notification from the school

Step 4: On being notified , Pay the fee

                 Accept congratulatory letter and Collect information for next session 

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