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Change of Address

Our office staff works very hard to keep students records absolutely current. This can only be accomplished with your help. It is essential that we have accurate, up-to-date information available on your child’s information card in order to connect you in the event of an emergency, Please nitify the class teacher or the office for any change in your address, home or work phone numbers.

School phones

The office telephone is for school business and emergency calls only.

Parents are encouraged to share special after-school instructions with their child before they leave for school in the morning. Interruptions are a disruptive experience for teachers and disturb and classroom instruction. Hence, a message that needs to get to a student during the school day may be left at the School Office and given to the Class Teacher at recess or lunchtime, unless it is an emergency.

Students are discouraged from using the school phone to retrieve library books, musical instruments or any other personal belongings. Remember to carry what they would need during the day when they leave home in the morning will inculcate the habit of planning for the school day ahead. It will increase student’s sense of personal responsibility and make them accountable for their actions.

Arrangements for going to a friend’s house directly after school must be made before children leave home in the morning. However, the class teacher must be informed about this. It is necessary to send a signed note with your child granting him/her permission to go home with someone else.

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